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Coin Shows

Coin shows bring together both collectors & the industry’s finest dealers under one roof.   If you're looking for a rare coin or simply seeking advice as to how to start a collection, a coin convention is the place to be!  

Coin shows are fun events where collectors have access to professionals in the industry, coin graders, buyers & sellers all in one place!

Here is our list of coin shows we'll attend throughout the year.  If you live in the area, come say hello!




August 2017

  • Georgia Coin Show 17th - 19th

September 2017

  • Long Beach Coin Show - September 6th - 9th
  • ILNA Coin Show  21st - 23rd

October 2017

November 2017

  • Tennessee Camp Jordan Show - November 2nd - 4th
  • Whitman Baltimore Coin Show - November 8th - 11th