As you may well know, we don’t just do business out of our Chicago location. We take our passion for and collection of fine jewelry, coins, and bullion with us on the road to various shows throughout the year. With so many enthusiasts in one room together, these shows are tough not to get excited about—and they’re a great place for us and many, many others to do business.

At the beginning of November, we set up shop back-to-back at two great shows. The first was the Whitman Baltimore Winter Expo. Because of the currently low silver and gold prices, the show was largely full of silver and bullion items. These low prices of course mean that many were able to buy at low prices. For us, the particularly hot items were selections from our variety of dollar pieces.

The following weekend, we put up our table at the ever growing Tennessee State Numismatic Society Coin and Currency convention, held near Chattanooga. There was an incredible turnout at the retail show, as it was the highest number of attendees ever at a Tennessee show. We were able to purchase a lot of classic coins and currency, some of which you can see pictured below.

Both of these shows made for excellent weekends. Perhaps most importantly, though, these events pointed towards a positive outlook on the market. The dealings and turnouts in Baltimore and Tennessee showed that even in spite of the current low prices on the market, there are still an abundance of active and avid buyers out there, and the world numismatics remains as exciting as ever.

If you want to see more of what we have, come visit our Chicago coin store today!