To commemorate the 50th anniversary of one the United States’ most iconic coins, picturing one of our most iconic leaders, the US Mint is set to strike 300,000 sets of the Kennedy silver half dollar. Presented once again in its original 1964 design, though inscribed with the year 2014, the coin comes in sets of four, each being composed of 90% percent silver.

Long a staple of any numismatist’s collection, the Kennedy half dollar is returned to its original silvered glory, as these sets are the only silver coins since the original 1964 edition to utilize the original sculpt of President John F. Kennedy. The sculpt of our late president’s bust was originally designed by Gilroy Roberts and approved by Jacqueline and Robert Kennedy as an apt memorial to the fallen leader.

The set includes one coin from each US Mint facility, each with a different finish. There is a reverse proof coin minted at the West Point facility, a proof coin from the Mint at Philadelphia, an enhanced uncirculated coin from San Francisco, and one uncirculated coin from Denver. Secured in a coin well and decorative folder, viewers are able to admire both sides of the coin.

This is the second lowest mintage of the Kennedy half dollar ever produced at 300,000 sets, with 180,000 of them readied by the US Mint to ship immediately. This smaller run, combined with the always-high demand for the Kennedy half dollar, makes this set sure to go quickly. It is also a pretty safe bet to see a healthy amount of aftermarket appreciation value, as these factors turn the 50th anniversary set into series keys or semi keys.

The sets of 4 beautiful coins come priced at $99.95, and are limited to 5 per household. Act fast to secure yourself this piece of our nation’s history. Contact Kedzie Koins today, and we will help you get your hands on this truly unique mintage of one of America’s most special bits of coinage.