U.S. Coins

Kedzie Koins is Chicago’s leading coin dealer for US coins of all types. Our online coin shop allows you to conveniently browse our coins by category and shop securely online. Can’t find what you’re looking for online? Give us a call, or stop in our secure coin shop in Chicago. Although our inventory rotates, we will always help you find the perfect US coin for your collection.

Commemorative Coins

Celebrate and honor American people, places, events, and institutions with commemorative coins. Commemorative coins capture the culture of America and help preserve our past. Due to their limited editions, commemorative coins add great value to a coin collection and also make great gifts.

Dimes and Cents

Did you know the first dime was released in 1796 but did not have a face value? From that first coin to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt dime that we use today, US dimes have a rich and storied history.  We also carry all types of US cent coins From small cent, two cent, three cent, to twenty cent coins, you’ll find it at Kedzie Koins.

Dollars and Half Dollars

To some people, a dollar doesn’t buy you much these days. But at Kedzie Koins, we know the true value of a dollar coin rests in its design, rarity, and uniqueness. Throughout the years, gold and silver US coins have soared in popularity with the public and subsequently declined. However, we understand that finding that perfect dollar coin to complete your collection is the move valuable of all.

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